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Who dere?

Liz Gerald Stephen Dennis Jabari Anka Shilmat Angel Willow Jake from OGC


Sarena and Jabari's film festival: Oct 9th at 7pm, Omni Ballroom. Fundraiser for friends' legal fees, please donate. Bring food

   Tech support? Liz will train folks on the Meyers

Gerald: Oct. 3 forum, Bernie Sanders campaign at the Starry Plough (Shattuck and Prince), 2pm. Gerald will be filming!


Angel wants a key We approve! Liz will hand him one later

List serv

Name-change has caused complications for the Rainbow grant. We'll reinstate optikallusions@riseup.net (Liz will try it) Can we revert the wiki? Sure, let's try it...! Disperse list serv administrative dooties

Planning movie night

Show up at 5: Jabari, Gerald, Anka, angel, Liz, steve, and Dennis. Show some political cartoons beforehand? Division of labor -

   Bringing film: Dennis
   "Ticket booth": Dennis
   AV: Liz
   Cooler and ice: Liz
   Popcorn: Gerald
   Agua Fresca: Gerald
   Beer by donation: Gerald
   Facilitator: Dennis
   Foodstuffs: Anka
   Clean & organize space: Gerald, Dennis, Jabari, Liz, Angel
   Clean-up: Everyone who's left

Seeds of Struggle

Fresno trip: • What went well?

   Angel: Turned out nice
   Anka: Worked out with three cars & coordination
   Jabari: Went very well though not meticulously planned, still efficient and productive
   Dennis: Haven't seen the footage but it seems like we got enough coverage
   Liz: A bit chaotic, but we pulled it together. Good on accomodations and snacks. Great documentation
   Dragon: Good job for a first trip, good learning

• Where can we improve?

   Angel: Whenever we go out to shoot, we should have a sound recorder ready to go in case our interviewee starts saying interesting stuff before the camera crew is ready
   Anka: should have talked more about the shoot itself, communication
   Jabari: no complaints, we did well with what we had
   Dennis: Important for us all to be on the same page before a shoot, no more last-minute stuff
   Liz: Would have liked better meals, food planning and preparation
   Gerald: "Fail to plan; plan to fail." Be flexible, but still have a plan.
   Dragon: Better planning ahead of time about the purpose and elements of the shoot, better food accomodations

• Plan another shoot? He invited us back for the harvest.

   Or we can send a camera with him so he can gather footage himself! Gerald volunteers to train him on the Sony Handycam.

• Review dailies

Intvw. with Wanda Stewart:

   Dragon, Dennis, Jabari, Noemie, Stephen
   2 hour interview at her home, really good stuff in there.
   Didn't get b-roll! Working the garden, harvesting herbs, gathering eggs, etc. Plan another shoot

• Where can we improve?

   Use a stand for light reflector

• Review dailies