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Darkroom / Film Collective page


1. Mark up basement floorplan

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2. Make a statement answering the following infos


Potential member group description

In preparing a membership proposal for your group to join OMNI, please make sure to include the following points. You can answer using these questions directly or incorporate them into a format that suits your style.

1. Mission statement

  • What do you do? What happens in the world because you exist? (1-3 sentences)

2. Origin and group history

  • How did you start? What have you done? (1-3 sentences)

3. Participation in the Omni

  • Why are you interested in becoming a member? How does your group intend to use the space? What are your needs? (less than 5 sentences)

4. Group finances and paying rent

  • What does your group do to support itself financially? What is your best plan for contributing your potential share of rent to the Omni? (less than 5 sentences)

5. Dedicated space

  • If your group would like some dedicated space at the Omni, what square footage and what features are you looking for? Which specific rooms do you feel might be suitable? (1-3 sentences)

6. Other contributions to the Omni

  • This question should inspire some imagination. We are exploring ideas to pay rent and purchase the building in the long-term. The basic plan is for each group paying a share of rent. Potential plans include groups sharing profit from their activities, producing Omni events, and booking other events. What is the best-case scenario for using the Omni space to further support your group? (less than 5 sentences)

7. Additional

  • Is there any other information that you think would be useful for us to know about your group? (as many sentences as you like)