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In order for the Omni Collective to create a space that acts as a commons in the wider community, it is also essential to cultivate a commons within the boundaries of the Omni Collective's space itself. Since member-groups have various activities, sizes, locations, and needs, there should be some intention behind the way we can encourage the effective design, use, and reproduction of the commons for all relevant member-groups.

Ultimately, we should collectively answer the Questions for Collectives for the common space as well. Most importantly to articulate minimum requirements!

Ideas for Common Space

Below is an unstructured list of ideas for common space in The Omni:

  • Communal Kitchen
    • Multiple kitchens?
  • Dining area
    • Near the kitchen
  • Scheduled space (reservations)
  • Unscheduled space (where one can always go without reservations)
  • ?

Habitation in common spaces

Experience shows that people without a place to live will go to great lengths to claim and maintain a place to reside inside community spaces such as hackerspaces. Examples include living in common areas and unallocated spaces, and sleeping on couches and in darkrooms, "DJ booths" and under tables.

Problems with habitation include disruptive behavior (people defending their "home" have little to lose) and increased entropy of communal spaces, among other problems.

Strong policies around habitation and/or sleeping in common spaces will make it easier for multiple groups to support each other in maintaining common spaces for their consensed-upon purposes.

Draft Minimum Requirements