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What follows is an overview of the tools and processes around Omni's external (public-facing) communications.


  • TODO


This is a giant todo! Yar set up a basic blog at omnicommons.org/blog, but there have been no posts yet.


Our wiki is our primary mode of documenting meeting notes as well as information about all aspects of the Omni. You can find a full history of every Delegates and Working Group meeting at omnicommons.org/wiki/Calendar. Updating, cleaning up, organizing, and beautifying the wiki are much-needed tasks! anyone and everyone is welcomed and encouraged to contribute!

  • A wiki is a collaborative knowledge platform, written in article form, that stores all previous revisions to pages.
  • To create or edit a page you must first create an account.
  • To make an account, visit omnicommons.org/wiki and click on ‘Request Account’ in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • To learn more about how to format your wiki page, [click here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Cheatsheet].


The Commons Working Group and the sysadmins maintain the Omni calendar. The main calendar at https://omnicommons.org/calendar is a global calendar, which synchronizes with multiple other calendars - namely, Bay Area Public School, Sudo Room, and the /occupy/ calendar of approved rental event requests.

Often, the synchronization among all of these calendars doesn’t work correctly, so please send an email to commons AT omnicommons DOT org if you notice something isn’t showing up correctly.

Social Media Accounts

Obtaining access to our Facebook and Twitter accounts is simply a matter of trust. If you’re a representative member of a member collective or an otherwise trusted participant in the project, you will readily be given access. You can ping folks to obtain access at sysadmins@omnicommons.org :)


In 2016, Jenny Ryan started putting out monthly newsletters highlighting relevant Omni news, recurring and upcoming events, and updates from member collectives. Newsletters were printed on the large-format printer on the platform in sudo room for distribution around the neighborhood, as well as formatted in MailChimp and sent digitally to Omni’s ‘announce’ mailing list (which has 800+ subscribers).

  • Check out the archive of past newsletters
  • To obtain access to the MailChimp account, look in the passpack or send an email to accounts AT omnicommons DOT org

Email Accounts

  • A basic webmail server can be found at omnicommons.org/webmail
  • To request an @omnicommons.org email forwarding, send an email to sysadmins AT omnicommons DOT org


  • Press inquiries sent to press AT omnicommons DOT org forward to the ‘comms’ mailing list
  • All press coverage of Omni should be added to Press