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Music Video Pravda-Ecstatic, by Tsering Norbu, 03'07 Dream, by Marielle Boland and Julia Retzlaff, 4'07 The Real Bogeyman by Remo Conscious, 4 minutes

≈11:00 mins

Doc Showdown at Highway 134, 5'12 Pueblote by Esteban Noyola, Cyrus Bautista, and Marielle Boland, 7'11 History in These Streets, by Nick Liem, Brian Birchett and Patrick Manning, 07'04 Aunti Frances Loves Mission Self-Help Hunger Program, 7'45 [Afrikatown and Quilombo, (6:02)] ≈27:00 mins ≈26:00

Narrative Safi, by Rinkesh Patel, 4'30 vimeo password: Rashomon Consequences of War, by Leland Mitchell Tong, 5'57 The Choice, by Caleb Parazette, 8'18 Pressure, by Lily Yu. An exploration in the daily stress of a teenage girl, 2,05, La Petite Salon, by Caroline H. Le, 15 minutes, vimeo password: yellowbird Chainwheel, by Sean M. [13:00] Ballad of a Green Beret, by Kevin Keating [5:00] on DVD

≈53:30 mins

Experimental/poetry/animation Fat-shamed Into Self Love, by Lour Darden, 3'37 And They Jumped Into the Water...Some, by Lois Moses, 8'37 Khombo, by Bluu, 1 minute Checkmate, by Lily Yu, Jasmine Ehrhardt, Stephanie Hoang, 4 minutes Black Skin, White Tee by Remo Conscious, 47 seconds

≈18:30 mins ≈9:30

TRT: ≈110 minutes (116 by Noemies's count) TRT: ≈101 minutes [18 films]

Viewpoints represented



Body image

  [Fat-shamed into self love]


  [Consequences of war]
  [Ballad of a green beret]

Food justice

  [Aunti Frances]

Social Justice

  [Real bogeyman] 
  [showdown at hwy 134] 
  [white tee]
   [history in these streets]
   [and they jumped into the water]


  [la petite salon]
  [the choice] ?



Bay Area


Lineup [work in progress]: Connecting films based on shared themes or elements, so that one flows naturally into the next (as opposed to screening by category)

Khombo -> Pressure -> Checkmate -> Dream: all youth perspectives, follow with Fat-shamed? (body-image issues relevant for teens as well) White tee -> Real bogeyman: same artist and thematic material Real bogeyman -> Chainwheel -> Showdown: theme of resisting police state OR, Chainwheel -> Afrikatown -> Aunti Frances -> Pueblote -> Showdown Follow Showdown with Ballad? (military theme) Ballad -> Consequences: both about returning veterans and their POV, follow with Safi? (islamophobia relevant to war schemes) Follow Safi with White tee? (theme of persecution) OR The Choice -> Safi, theme of religious persecution

End with Pravda, summary of the diversity of Bay Area art and culture


   Khombo             - youthful perspective on... something!                   - silly and funny                        - 1:00
   Pressure           - youthful perspective on life                            - cute                                   - 2:05
   Checkmate          - youthful perspective on school system                   - insightful                             - 4:00
   Dream              - youthful perspective on being oneself                   - dramatic                               - 4:07
   Fat-shamed         - body image, fear of being oneself                       - insightful, uplifting                  - 3:37
   And They Jumped
   La Petite Salon    - sexuality, fear of being oneself                        - dramatic, cultural perspective         - 15:00   ≈30 mins in by end
   The Choice         - sexuality, religion and persecution                     - dark satire                            - 8:18
   Safi               - religion and persecution, fear of being oneself         - dark, cultural perspective             - 4:30
   White tee          - police state and persecution                            - dramatic                               - 0:47
   Bogeyman          - police state and persecution, resistance                - upbeat                                 - 4:00
   Showdown          - police state, indigenous resistance                     - violent, victorious                    - 5:12
   Ballad            - veteran's perspective                                   - dramatic, dark                         - 5:00    ≈60 mins by end
   Consequences      - veteran's perspective                                   - dramatic, dark                         - 5:57
   Pure Lung
   Chainwheel        - police state, resistance, indigenous wisdom             - insightful                             - 13:00 
   Afrikatown        - social justice, food justice, community organizing      - uplifting                              - 6:02
   Pueblote          - food justice, community organizing                      - uplifting                              - 7:11
   Aunti Frances     - food justice, community organizing                      - uplifting                              - 7:45
   Pravda            - Ode to the Bay Area                                     - upbeat, entertaining                   - 3:07    ≈100 mins by end