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Omni Commons has three stories (basement, ground floor, and second floor).

The total area of the building is approximately ~22,418 ft2 (square feet), which is ~2083 m2 (square meters).

Current Floor Plan

Designed for those looking to rent a space in the Omni Commons.

23 November 2015. Source: https://omnicommons.org/occupy/omni-commons-floorplan/

Evacuation Plan

Blank Canvases

Totally blank floorplans, useful for illustrating leases, etc (incomplete - only basement so far)


Below are detailed drawings by Rod Lamkey (design services) as of January 11th 1996. Lots of details and dimensions, but a bit hard to read in places. Here's the original file.

And cleaned up versions of the same file:


The following floor plan images have been annotated with corresponding names/numbers for the logical sections of the building. A full composite plan is provided, along with a file for each floor. The individual files should be sized 1 pixel to 1 inch.

Usage Floorplan

March - October 2015

March 2015 & September 2019

Initial Proposals

The following proposal is highly inaccurate, it's a first-stab gesture so we can drastically reshape and correct it.

This spreadsheet contains an estimate of the size and features of the spaces, based on name/number: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17DINigEczGwjfTdmdxl-MpYe1KJzJJDeCHRQnMC9usg/edit#gid=1418749855

You should be able to easily edit the "svg" version using Inkscape, available on every platform (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Another possible plan for space allocation:

Initial proposal for Sudo/CCL layout:

Draft Name Proposal from Korl!