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Omni Handbook

The Omni Handbook will serve as the Omni Collective's internal governance document. Topics addressed within the Omni Handbook include:

  • Values statements
  • Specifics of educational purposes
  • Diversity clause: The Board shall make reasonable efforts to include directors, committee members, and members who represent the diversity of the State of California, including, but not limited to, factors such as race, age,ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or geography. Directors shall support the goals, philosophies andobjectives of the Corporation and the laws and regulations under which it is founded.
  • Defining Qualifications for member groups
  • What happens when a group has significant material changes to their structure and/or reason for being?
  • Guidelines for who adds designators
  • Explicit guidelines for group applications
    • min # of ppl
    • finanacials, values