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Omni Kitchen Equipment Wishlist
Item Cost Description Example
Replacement water heater $380
Grease Traps $6,592 Big Dipper 25GPM Self-Serviceable Automatic Grease Removal Device
Self-Contained Walk-In Refrigerator $11,607 Norlake Walk-In Cooler KLB7768-C 6'x8'x7'7" Indoor W/ Floor
Wheelchair Stairlift $15,000 rough estimate
Commercial Ice-maker $1,040 Ice-O-Matic B42PS-KBT24 351-lbs Capacity 22" Wide w/ Adapter KBT24
Free-standing Commercial Refrigerator $2,754 78" Triple 3-D Stainless Steel Reach-in Commercial Refrigerator, 72 Cubic Feet
Stainless Steel Work Tables x 4 $548 Stainless Prep Table w Bottom Shelf, 48"L x 24"W x 34-36"H (also often available on CraigsList)
Utensil Racks x 5 donation? donation?
Stove $7,000 New stove with oven plus remove old stove
Low-temp dishwasher $3,000 Not sure - here's a page on commercial dishwasher options:
Dumbwaiter $7,000 Procure in-kind donation(s)