Member Collective Procedure for Using Common Space for Events

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Omni Collectives that wish to use a common space (such as the Ballroom) for an event must follow the process below in order to prevent space conflicts and ensure a safe, legal event than runs smoothly.

To schedule a member collective event, a minimum of three days notice is required. First, check the calendar at to see if the space is available. Then, fill out the request form at Make sure to specify setup and cleanup times in the request so coinciding events, or events right before/after, can be smoothly coordinated.

If you have a calendar login or are a Commons Working Group member, please do not publish your event without another Commons WG member approving it first. They will check the schedule, make sure the event entry is completed correctly including the description of the event as it appears on the calendar, and check if there are any special permits needed. The Commons WG will communicate to you that the event is approved and publish it. Don't assume it's ok if you don’t hear back. Contact the working group.

Especially if the collective hasn’t held events often or doesn’t have a lot of experience with the type or size of event being proposed, please work with the Commons WG to make sure the event functions well and is legal. Members of the Commons WG who want to hold their own event, or one for their collective, may not publish it without the agreement of at least one other Commons member. Again, the procedure is to fill out an event request and send a message to the listserv asking if other commons members agree to the event.

Time conflicts: In general, if there is an event conflict, the event that was requested first has priority.

Finances: Omni collectives use common space for free for programmatic events or fundraisers. If you are having a fundraiser and are raising a substantial amount, consider donating some to Omni.

Contracts: If the event will have alcohol or require insurance, and the collective is not a fiscally sponsored project of Omni Commons, a contract must be signed with Omni.

AV needs: Make arrangements with Robb or other trained Omni A/V person well ahead of time to use Omni A/V equipment. You can email, or contact Robb directly at

Alcohol: No alcohol may be sold to anyone (that includes taking any money - donation or otherwise - at the event or ticket presales that cover alcoholic beverages) without an ABC permit. No alcohol may be served to the public without a permit. To be considered a private event, there must be a guest list at the door and anyone not on the the list cannot attend, and the event should not have been advertised to the general public.

Permits: All events that require an ABC permit also require a Special Event Permit (SEP) to be signed off by OPD as well as the City. There are other events that may also need a SEP. See more detailed information below.

Event Insurance: In general, an event requires insurance if it seems to involve risk to the Omni. Most events serving alcohol will require event insurance. Insurance is required to get a SEP. Commons WG is also likely to require event insurance for events with large numbers of people, loud music and dancing (eg. parties), or activities with a high risk of injury.

Day of Event Responsibilities:

    • Communicate with Commons and organizers of other events on the same day about relevant issues
    • Clean space before and after, including cleaning and stocking bathrooms that will be used by event participants. Cleaning supplies, paper towels and toilet paper are located in the bathrooms and in the cleaning supplies closet by the Ballroom entrance with the wheelchair lift.
    • For events in the Ballroom, have event participants enter through the Shattuck doors unless they need to use the wheelchair lift.
    • If the event generates a substantial amount of trash, please take it out of the building and dispose of it in some other individual’s or organization’s trash. OC doesn’t have adequate trash bin space to dispose of the trash produced by large events.
    • Amplified sound must not be audible outside of the building after 11pm on Fri/Sat night, 10pm other nights. Event hosts have a responsibility to ensure noise levels are not audible by neighbors after this time.


"Special event" (hereinafter "event") means, for the purpose of this chapter, an event sponsored by any person, entity, business or group including but not limited to the Oakland Unified School District, the Port of Oakland, the Oakland Coliseum complex, the Paramount Theater, and at any event venue within the City and open to the public: A. Which is held in any public park and/or facility or on any property and/or facility which is open to the public, and B. At which 50 or more participants (including sponsors and guests) are present, and C. At which entertainment is provided by or for any person, and/or made available to any person, and/or D. For-profit entertainment activities of persons, entities and businesses who or which are currently licensed to regularly provide specified entertainment activities at fixed locations in the City but which holds an event that will foreseeably result in impacts on public safety, health, welfare, and police resources, or E. Any circus event involving a performance by any trained animal or restricted animal.

Exclusions: "Special event," as defined in this section, shall not include: A. An event held in a private residence where no admission is charged, the event is not open or advertised to the public, and no extraordinary police services are required; B. An event held in a members-only facility at which the only participants are the members (and their invited nonpaying guests) and no extraordinary police services are required; C. Events sponsored by religious entities held in the religious entity's facility which only members by permission attend and no extraordinary police services are required; D. For-profit entertainment activities of persons, entities and businesses such as cabarets who or which are currently licensed to regularly provide specified entertainment activities at fixed locations in the City and no extraordinary police services are required; E. Any entertainment for which other City special permits have previously been obtained, such as, but not limited to, parade permits, dance permits, short-term encroachment permits and City sponsored events otherwise permitted when the Chief of Police determines such other permits are more appropriate for the particular event. F. Any event, series of events and/or specific type of event may be exempted at the discretion of the Chief of Police, based upon evidence that the event or events will not impact police services and will not affect public health, safety and welfare, or animal or restricted animal health or safety if the event is a Circus.

"Entertainment" means providing to the public food and/or beverages; live or recorded music; dancing; mechanical, animal or carnival rides; games of chance; performances and/or plays; animal or restricted animal performances; audiovisual presentations; amplified sound; competitive or sporting events; and/or promotional events.