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Proposal to formally recognize that 'Oakland Nights Live', a group of 1-2 core people, is not a member collective or delegate of the Omni Oakland Commons, but only a month-to-month tenant at this time.

ONL has never paid its full share of agreed-upon rent, but 80% less than what was agreed to.

  • Some months ago, 'Oakland Nights Live' unilaterally slashed their financial contribution to the OOC by 80% ($500 > $100), which effectively nullified their status as a member collective requiring re-application for membership, with the state that they are currently tenants only. This drastic change in financial contribution was never discussed or consensed on by the OOC and it was only the weight of many other more pressing matters that has deferred this topic from full consideration. A re-application to the collective is required.

ONL does not participate in Omni general meetings.

  • ONL simply does not show up for delegate meetings (perhaps in a tacit acceptance of the above point.) This has lead to a lack of quorum which was really problematic for everyone who is actually doing work on Omni. It also effectively silences dialogue and collective decisionmaking with this group.

ONL does not participate meaningfully in any real work on Omni.

  • Except for the newly-formed ballroom working group, ONL does not contribute any labor or effort to the omni. Rather, it is the labor of others that substantially prepare for ONL events. It appears ONL does quite literally, nothing for the Omni or its community.

ONL does not pay utilities.

  • For reasons unknown, ONL chooses not to pay utilities.

ONL is routinely late on their rent ($100), the cheapest of any paying collective.

  • It is my understanding that as of today they have still not paid September rent.
  • The stress of this financial irresponsibility in general goes directly into the stomachs of those working on the finances and is unacceptable.

Saturday's 9/6 ONL event was generally offensive for many people at Omni who care about social justice.

  • I will let others characterize what happened here, but it was mostly a long political advertisement with no intercession or meaningful dialogue.

For these reasons and more it is only fair that ONL re-apply for membership / delegate status in the Omni on new terms. Consense?