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This is currently a placeholder redirect. A cleaner and more navigable website will be up shortly To inquire directly about using space in the omni to organize actions, send an email to: organize AT omnicommons DOT org!


A series of free workshops for teaching valuable knowledge and skills is currently being coordinated. If you have an idea for a workshop you'd like to see happen, or would like to offer to facilitate a workshop, please get in touch by emailing organize AT omnicommons DOT org.

Upcoming Workshops

Dec. 4th, 11am-1pm: Legal Observer Training

  • 4 December 2016, 11am-1pm: Legal Observer Training. Register on Eventbrite
  • Legal Observers work to insure that protesters' right to express their political views are not violated by law enforcement. They do not participate in protests or actions, instead documenting law enforcements' interactions with protesters. We need LOs now more than ever.
  • Get trained by civil rights attorney EmilyRose Johns, connect with other students and legal observers, and learn how you can put your legal knowledge to work to protect freedom of assembly and expression.
  • Donations to support the space always welcome, but NOTAFLOF!
  • Legal Observers are a program of the National Lawyers Guild, the nation's oldest and largest progressive bar association. Learn more about the San Francisco chapter of the NLG at Trainings are open to anyone who does not work for law enforcement; no legal background necessary.
  • Childcare: If you need childcare during the event please email kids AT omnicommons DOT org
  • This training is FREE, but please register via EventBrite so that we can track how many folks will be attending and prepare accordingly:

Dec. 4th, 6:30-7:30pm: Peoples Community Medics Training

  • 4 December 2016, 6:30-7:30pm: CDP Workshop: People's Community Medics Training Part 2
  • Every week, the Community Democracy Project holds a space for community leaders, volunteers, and members to discuss current events, important issues impacting our communities, or to share a skillset.
  • On December 4, 2016, we're proud to host the People's Community Medics! Last time they came, they taught us how to provide first-aide to folks with epileptic seizures and victims of gun shot wounds.
  • This time, they're teaching us how to provide first-aide to victims of tear-gas. As always, light refreshments will be provided. Immediately following the discussion, we will hold our weekly strategy meeting during which we will discuss our campaign to bring participatory budgeting to Oakland. Read the full text of our initiative at
  • Facebook event:

Cryptoparty / Digital Security Workshop

  • Date TBD
  • Sudo Room, Omni's resident hackerspace, regularly hosts an afternoon of co-learning and teaching about digital security. The driving motivation of our cryptoparties is to learn about end-user security in a fun, welcoming and inclusive environment. Popular topics include: why digital security is important; strategies for activists and journalists; encrypted email; encrypted text messaging; encrypted phone calls; encrypting your hard drive; off-the-record instant messaging; secure web browsing; mesh networks; and presentations on newer projects. All skill levels welcome - bring your phone and/or laptop!
  • Learn more at:

Past Workshops

About the Space

The Omni Commons is a 100% volunteer-run, horizontally-organized collective space at 48th & Shattuck in North Oakland. We are currently in the process of buying the building, in the aim of stewarding much-needed space and resources for social justice organizing and cultural production well into the future. We invite you to join us!

The 22,000 sq foot building contains a multiplicity of spaces for small group meetings, as well as a 244-person capacity ballroom for large events. The entrance hall is in the process of being outfitted with basic activist needs such as copy machines for printing flyers, banner-making supplies, etc;. A proposal is currently being crafted to utilize a portion of the basement for larger tools and supply storage, as well as to utilize the upstairs den area as a popup break space / self-care space as needed post-actions.

Material Resources

  • Chairs and folding tables
  • Whiteboards and markers
  • Projectors and screens
  • Sound systems and mics
  • Xerox machines and flyer-making resources
  • Banner and sign-making supplies
  • Screenprinting studio
  • Hackerspace
  • In-house film collective


The building is wheelchair-accessible on the ground floor, with a wheelchair lift to the ballroom from the entrance hall, and a currently usable but incomplete wheelchair-accessible bathroom that we aim to have finished by early next year.


We ask that all individuals entering the space read through our Safer Space Policy as well as our Statement of Solidarity.

Other than being a decent and compassionate human being, our rules are simple:

  • No sleeping
  • No open flame
  • No material donations without prior approval - you can offer donations at donations AT omnicommons DOT org - do not just bring them by.
  • NO STORAGE in the common areas. Not even for "a few days", not even with a note. This has been an ongoing issue that has prevented a great deal of necessary work from being completed in a timely fashion.

Statement of Solidarity

The Omni is an open and diverse community. We love and value every person. To this end, we honor & respect the experiences, center the perspectives, and prioritize the needs of marginalized and oppressed people. For example:

  • Poor, working class, unemployed and enslaved people struggling against a world dominated by money and capital;
  • People of color struggling against racism & white supremacy;
  • People struggling against all forms of colonialism, from Ohlone people whose stolen land we occupy, to people being threatened or displaced by gentrification;
  • Women and all gender minorities struggling against sexism, misogyny and male supremacy;
  • Transgender & gender-nonconforming people struggling against the gender binary, bioessentialism, transphobia & transmisogyny;
  • Queer, LGB and same-gender-loving people struggling against homophobia & heterosexism;
  • People with physical & mental disabilities who struggle with ableism & accessibility;
  • People of all shapes and sizes struggling against fatphobia and other forms of body hierarchy;
  • The survivors of rape, harassment, assault, trauma and exploitation;
  • Migrants struggling against nationalism and xenophobia, especially those without documents or citizenship;
  • Speakers of all languages struggling against the dominance of English.

This is not a hypothetical exhaustive list of every oppression ever. Rather, it's a proactive recognition of some of the real issues faced by real people in our communities today, an expression of our solidarity and our intent to work side by side building our futures together.

As a community, we agree to be in solidarity with those who are most vulnerable. We are prepared to be held accountable for our social privilege when necessary. We will actively work to hold our spaces to the highest ideals - not just make them safe, but warm, welcoming and loving for everybody.

More about the Omni Commons

You can learn about the member collectives that compose the governing body of the organization, past meeting minutes, the history of the project, and more by browsing this wiki.