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Conditional Use Permit

The conditional use permit for group assembly has the following criteria:

Any Conditional Use Permit (CUP) required in the above table or its associated limitations shall conform to the CUP criteria contained in Section 17.134.050 and to each of the following additional criteria:

  • 1. That the proposal will not detract from the character desired for the area;
  • 2. That the proposal will not impair a generally continuous wall of building facades;
  • 3. That the proposal will not weaken the concentration and continuity of retail facilities at ground level, and will not impair the retention or creation of an important shopping frontage;
  • 4. That the proposal will not interfere with the movement of people along an important pedestrian street; and
  • 5. That the proposal will conform in all significant respects with any applicable district plan which has been adopted by the City Council.

Here's more info on Section 17.134.050 requirements.