Smoke and fire

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List of requirements for smoke detection system

  • Smoke detection
  • Interconnection (one goes off they all go off)
  • Ability to silence the whole system without some special access key and keep it silenced for some small period of time without manually having to turn it back on (snooze)
  • Ability to run off battery power for x years (let's say 3 min)
  • Ability to report via SMS / phone calls to a list of people
  • Primary and backup internet connection for reporting (e.g. ethernet and fallback to 4G)
  • No cloud subscription required (a VOIP subscription for sending SMS and calling is ok but shouldn't be tied to one provider)
  • No IT infrastructure maintained by us (we don't want the reporting function to fail if one of our servers goes down)

Nice to have:

  • CO detection
  • Report tells us which of the alarms that detected the smoke so we don't have to search all of Omni
  • Ability to engage the snooze feature from more than one location
  • Ability to run a system test where messages are sent but include some "THIS IS NOT A REAL EMERGENCY" header