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What's your timeline for moving into the space? Is a June 1 move-in date feasible for your project? How about July 1, August 1, September 1? Any critical points to take into consideration? Leeways? Compromises?

sudo room

  • Status: Sudo room is currently engaged in a lease agreement for a space at 2141 Broadway, but there are inherent and emergent limitations to this agreement based on both the parties involved (negative interactions) and the physical space (size). Sudo room is engaged in a "sudo reboot" to reflect on and rebuild sudo room, hopefully to expand and become something like a sudo space. Sudo room has been involved with the Omni Collective project and potential to rent The Omni since the beginning, and continues to pursue it as a viable option for an alternative, and opportune new location.
  • Preparation: We have some tools, assets, and infrastructure that would need a secure home (such as 3D printers, CNC mill, wifi equipment, servers, small projects). Could look at interim storage options, or seek an agreement where we overlap betwee spaces, or simply have a one-weekend month-transition over. There are likely some members who'd be willing to assist with clearing spaces (e.g. the Bocce ball court back room, a potential piece of our future space), perhaps in exchange for pay or rent reduction.

Hacker Spa

  • Status: Hacker Spa is a new project, we are ready to "move in" right away. Which means we are ready to have access to the space we need to rennovate right away.
  • Preparation:

Oakland Nights...Live!

  • Status: Ready whenever works, flexible.
  • Preparation: Knowing by the 2nd Saturday before the move date would be very helpful (if we move by June 1st, knowing by May 10th would be great.)

Timeless, Infinite Light

  • Status: We're ready to move in as soon as the space is available
  • Preparation: Having a month notice would be helpful as we are currently in a month-to-month rental.


  • Status: We are ready to move in June 1st. We are ok with not having the Disco room till Sept. 1st if J and M want to stay for June/July/Aug, although we would want to host some performances, events, workshops, etc in the ballroom during the summer to build our audience and excitement for the project.
  • Preparation:

Bay Area Public School

  • Status: Ready to move in right away
  • Preparation: None needed

La Commune Cafe and Bookstore

  • Status: Ready to move in right away
  • Preparation: None needed

Food Not Bombs

Food Not Bombs is not in a hurry. I suspect that over time we would gradually move into the kitchen space on a regular (i. e. weekly) basis, perhaps starting next October, and eventually be there all of the time if that worked out.