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We are launching a crowdfunding campaign on December 17th, 2017 to raise $75,000 to upgrade the commercial kitchen in the basement!



  • Send out pre-pledge requests and outreach to press before the end of Thursday, December 14th
  • Soft Launch: Sunday, December 17th
  • Press Release: Monday, December 18th
  • Consider throwing a post-launch fundraising dance party to promote the campaign - entry fee and then mid-event announcement of the Phase II campaign



  • EVERYONE: Help us secure pre-pledges from now until launch: research suggests securing pledges totalling 20% of the overall goal from major donors in advance of the public campaign launch is one of the surest indicators of success. Here's some draft text you can user
    • add pledges to the spreadsheet [ping jenny for link]
  • EVERYONE: Reach out to press contacts - we are currently drafting a press release to be published on Monday, December 18th [ping jenny for link]
  • Upload finalized video to Omni's YouTube - Anka
  • Finalize the campaign text - Laura/Jenny/Marcus/others??
  • Draft a quarter-sheet flyer - Grant
  • Add to the WishList the top kitchen equipment choices that we'd like to have donated to us - Jenny/Ken/others??
  • Set up campaign page - Jenny [ping for access]


  • EVERYONE: Distribute flyers, outreach to your networks via mailing lists, social media, announcements at events, etc;
  • ANYONE: Create a short (30-second - 1-minute) video encapsulating the spirit of your collective/project and how the kitchen would benefit you/your community
  • Make video mailers - Jenny/you??
  • Finish sending old campaign perks - (use RVC's address label generator)


Planning meetings are now taking place every Wednesday at 6pm in the Basement Library.

If you'd like to help out, you can join the mailing list here:

Meeting Minutes Archive