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A Collective of Collectives in Oakland, California
A Collective of Collectives in Oakland, California. See [[Founding Document]] for governance.

''From Latin omni-, "all, every, the whole, of every kind,"''
''From Latin omni-, "all, every, the whole, of every kind,"''

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Omni Collective


A Collective of Collectives in Oakland, California. See Founding Document for governance.

From Latin omni-, "all, every, the whole, of every kind,"

OMNI Oakland Collective is comprised of several Bay Area collectives. Its express purpose is to build consensus among member collectives with the most minimal possible bureaucracy for the administration of a common space and shared resources for the use and stewardship of the greater community.

The point of the OMNI Oakland Collective is NOT to function as any sort of governing body for the groups involved in any general sense. There are no senators. Its only and sole point is to administer the space, pay bills, make group decisions about the shared space, resolve any conflicts between the groups in the space, interface with the state, banks, authorities, etc. Logistics and bureaucracy: That's it.

  • What kind of groups? Mainly:
    • Non-profit
    • Volunteer-led
    • Donation-based
    • Offer value to the public for free or sliding scale
  • What core values do groups share?
    • Social, economic & environmental justice
    • Solidarity with all oppressed people
    • A culture of consent, against rape, violence & exploitation
    • The survival & thrival of our communities and neighborhoods

The Collectives

The Building

  • It's an amazing, almost 22,000 sq ft. building on Shattuck and 48th. It's an old rock club, before that, a Scavenger Worker's Leisure Club (Ligure Club).. that was also in all functional terms a collective, when they built the building.

Space Features

  • a huge ballroom / event space about 2/3 the size of GAMH
  • an industrial kitchen & walk-in freezer (needs fixing up)
  • a massive back room with ability to build out lofts/rooms
  • 55'-ish ceilings
  • massive basement with windows above street level (currently blacked out)
  • a separate room that used to function as a disco (with lighted floor)
  • a warren of odd little rooms, a stage, lots of bathrooms

Price/Sq Ft

Distribution of Space

  • Dedicated Space
  • Shared / Common Space

Use of Space

  • How do we envision using the space?
    • To collaborate on projects
    • To host classes and performances
    • To network, meet each other, welcome newcomers
    • To store resources for common use (or equitably restricted)
  • Will there be commercial activity in the space?

Financial Concerns

  • Rental Terms
    • Expenses
      • Move-in Costs
      • Monthly Rent
    • Revenue
      • From Member Collectives
      • From Other Supporters
        • Loans
        • Donations
        • Grants

Legal Concerns

  • Permits
  • Zoning
  • Licensing and Certification

Questions for Collectives

To-Do List

  • Finalize proposal
  • Build Consensus of Member Collectives
  • Review Contract (agreement) and sign

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